Strong Niches for Blog: 17 Amazing Niches for Your Blog?

Strong Niches for Blog: 17 Amazing Niches for Your Blog?

Amazing Blog Niches Which Makes Niche Strong: In our previous article, we discussed Find Your Niche: 9 Best Points to Ask before Finding a Niche. I am sure you are pretty much clear by now on how you can develop a clear mindset of niche selection. If you still have any queries feel free to comment below and I would love to connect with you.

So, now here are some excellent examples of useful blog niches for you to gain some confidence. It will not only help you to get some basic ideas, but, you will also learn how you can create your audience and business in many different prospects.

Each of these niche blogs uniquely covers various topics in their fields. With the help of these examples, you can make yourself a roadmap on how you can successfully create your blog’s business plan.

Creative life (Blog Niche: Photography) – One of Strong Niches

See here: Creative Live

Amazing Blog Niches Which Makes Niches Strong

Today, Creative Live has some of the best and most creative instructors in the niche of photography. There are hundreds of photography lessons, such as Become a Wedding Photographer. Creative Live classes help you boost your photography skills and take one step forward in your success.

You can find some fantastic, informative posts that have been compiled by several industry experts who share first-class knowledge and insights into the world of photography.

Annealing Mom (Niche Blog: Parenting) – One of Strong Niches

See here: Rockin Mama

primer-nishi-dlya-bloga - rockin-mama-blog-niche-parenting

Annealing Mom started quite simply: the nurse from the intensive care unit and the newly minted mother just wanted to talk about the first year of her son’s life.

But as her posts attracted more attention, she realized that she liked what she was doing and wanted to expand the blog for something more.

Today in this space there is something that can be offered to all mothers, regardless of whether you are interested in finding gluten-free recipes or if you want children to read adapted reviews of the latest events in movie theatres. This is one of the Blog Niches Which will Make your Niche Strong.

Gary Vaynerchuk (Blog Niche: Small Business Marketing) – It is too One of Strong Niches

See here: Gary Vaynerchuk.

strong niches for blog

Gary Vaynerchuk, or, in short, “Garivi”, is a serial entrepreneur, five-time best-selling author of the New York Times, speaker and serial investor. Vaynerchuk has an entire team at VaynerMedia, its social media agency with more than 600 members, which is responsible for helping him create content targeted at entrepreneurs.

This includes DailyVee, where he makes short documentary-style videos about his daily life as a busy CEO and Internet celebrity. He also has a blog, a podcast (The GaryVee Audio Experience), and organizes a Q & A for business consultants called #AskGaryVee.

Vaynerchuk, as you know, began working in his family’s wine business, where he started one of the first YouTube shows in 2006 under the name WineLibraryTV.

That is why it is considered amongst one of the powerful niche for blogs.

Moz (Blog Niche: Search Engine Optimization) – SEO is One of Strong Niches

See here: Moz

strong niches for blog for SEO guys

Moz is perhaps the most reliable website for SEO. If you’re a beginner, their SEO Starter Guide is invaluable. If you are already familiar with the basics, their blog is full of the latest educational resources, SEO tips, and experiments on what works best.

Many of the most seasoned SEO experts post on the Moz Blog, and editors are picky about the quality of the content they take, so you can count on any information that turns out to be quality and useful.

It is a great idea if you make a blog on SEO niche. It is strong niche that can grow your blog easily. This is also one of the Blog Niches Which will Make your Niche Strong.

The Green Mama (Blog Niche: Eco-Friendly Parenting) – Good Niche

See here: The Green Mama


Manda aka The Green Mama (Manda Aufochs Gillespie) has been a sustainable development consultant for 20 years. The Green Mama blog is full of practical tips and tricks for parents, recipes and life hacks, tips for a “green” lifestyle, as well as wellness and cosmetic practices.

Manda understands the topic of vegetarian mom, shares beneficial ways to navigate with children and is not afraid to be open in the complex world of parenting. These bloggers are real examples of people caring for the planet, so their children can enjoy it for decades.

You should make a blog on this niche as it is a very strong niche for blog.

Slowly Get Rich (Blog Niche: Personal Finance) – Nice Niche to Write Blogs

See here: Get Rich Slowly

primer-nishi-dlya-bloga - get-rich-slowlyblog-niche-personal-finance

Get Rich Slowly is a site for those who crave more financial freedom.

  • Are you deeply in debt? I will share tips on how to pay debts and build a better financial future.
  • Do you want to buy a house and send your children to college? I will help you do this too.
  • Have you ever wondered how to start investing in the stock market? I will teach you how to do this without gambling or excessive risk.
  • Are you one of those crazy who wants an early retirement? I understand that. Since I managed to retire early, I will be happy to show you how you can do the same.

You won’t find any get rich quick schemes here. You won’t find multi-level marketing whims or tips here. They are not going to impose any goods or books on you here. At getting Rich Slowly, you will find daily information on personal finances and related topics.

Copyblogger (Niche Blog: Copywriting) – Strong Niche for Copywriters

See here: Copyblogger


Copyblogger helps business writers turn into real blacksmiths. Copyblogger has everything you need to hone your copywriting skills, with topics such as freewriting, persuasion, freelance, and strategic thinking. Copywriting is also considered as a very powerful niche for blogging. You should try this of the Blog Niches that can make your Niche Strong if you are copywriter.

I will teach you to be rich (Blog Niche: Personal Development) – Good Niche

See here: I Will Teach You To Be Rich


Ramit is the best-selling author of the book “I will teach you to be rich” and the blog of the same name. He built his blog’s multi-million dollar business. Ramit’s blog began as a personal finance passion project. He turned into a blog and business to help people aged 20 to 40 earn more and become successful leaders.

Ramit’s individual development posts at Ramit focus on getting promotions, freelancing, budget automation, networking, and starting an online business. The techniques he teaches have a subtext of “mastering his psychology.” He has a unique, frank writing style.

Notes From the Road (Blog Niche: World Travel) – One of Strong Niches for Travel Vloggers

See here: Notes From the Road


Travelling is a trendy blog niche, mainly because of how many people like to travel, and also because there are many different ways to monetize a site in that niche. It’s never too late to start and blog about travels; people always crave new experiences.

Eric Gauger, the creator of the Notes From the Road blog, uses his love of travel and photography to deliver an exciting and fascinating insight into his travels around the world. Many of his trips include adventure elements such as desert hiking, but he also writes about time spent in various cities around the world.

Written from the “average guy,” Eric Gauger says: “Dear, kayak, seaplane and, above all, on foot, I take up the themes of the city and country in the modern world. Travel letters sometimes get a bad style because “the azure sea was wavy and the hotel was fabulous.” But travel descriptions can be fun, powerful, and personal. ”

Eric Gauger admits that modern travel blogs sometimes have a terrible reputation because travellers are encouraged to leave light reviews of hotels or travel destinations. His continued position in this niche of the blog is more connected with his personal travel experience than with a review of a five-star resort.

His blog also contains original sketches, lists of animals and plants from around the world, and plans of travel music.

With Grains (Blog Niche: Food and Recipes Blog) – One of Strong Niches for Foodies

See here: With the Grains

primer-nishi-dlya-bloga - with-the-grains-blog-niche-food-and-recipe-blog

Blogs about food and recipes are one of the best niches that dominate social networks such as Pinterest. Favourite recipes are shared among friends and cooked at home. Food blogs satisfy people’s need for life because we all have to eat.

So what sets the recipe blog apart from the many culinary blogs available? In the case of the “With Grains” blog, we are talking about the personal retelling of stories, warm, vivid photographs and unique recipes.

Kelsey Kogel, the creator of Grain, decided to choose a niche for the blog that would be very close to it, including recipes for people with a wide range of tastes and passions.

A Mighty Girl (Blog Niche: Female Empowerment) – One of Strong Niches to Start a Blog for Women

See here: A Mighty Girl

strong niches for blog for women

Mighty Girl was founded in 2012 by co-founders Caroline Dankert and Aaron Smith. Their blog is an excellent resource for books, music, films, and toys that empower girls. The idea of ​​their blog arose out of personal interest – they wanted to find books for their nieces that would break the stereotypical notions of little girls. This led them to choose a niche for the blog, which has not always been said. 

Today the blog covers many topics, such as women astronauts, ways to increase the confidence of girls, famous women in history, books for all occasions, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) and more.

This is also considered one of the Blog Niches Which will Make your Niche Strong. This is one of the strongest Blog Niches Which will Make your Niche Strong.

Leaning Diving (Niche Blog: Thrift and DIY) – Good Niche

See here: Thrift Diving


Thrift Diving is a blog about turning treasures of savings. The owner of Thrift Diving, Serena Appiah (rhymes with IKEA) teaches people how to find rare, inexpensive items and making something worth out of it. Whatever she turns from the scratch is not just worth, but beautiful. It includes light hacks, furniture remodelling, reprofiling and many DIY projects.

This is a must-visit blog for every one crazy about DIY and designs. It is also suitable for people interested in earning savings.

Random Icon (Niche Blog: Fashion) – One of Strong Niches for Fashion Lovers

See here: The Accidental Icon

strong niches for blog for fashion lovers

The fashionable niche of blogging has been popular for quite some time. Today there are many great examples of trendy blogs dedicated to unique styles. The unique part about this blog is that it features a 60-year older woman as an Accidental Icon.

Young women and men operate most of the fashion blogs; what makes this blog unique is their featuring 60-year older women as a fashion icon. This blog is something that you say- CREATIVITY. It opens up our minds to show that Fashion has nothing to do with age.

This blog belongs to Lyn Slater, a 60-year-old entrepreneur. In her blog, she mainly writes about fashion, style, travel, life-changing thoughts. This is something I would highly recommend you to for through as she has shared her incredible journey as she survived for many decades.

Although Lin is over 60 now, her blog is for all age groups. She hopes to appeal to thoughtful women of all backgrounds and ages. An example is contagious for those who worry that it’s a too late start and blog about fashion, based on the stupid statement that the blogosphere is crowded with authors.

Sabbath Nation (Niche Blog: Side Work) – Nice Niche

See here: Side Hustle Nation


(Side Hustle – a part-time job, quickie, extra income. I like the cob.) 

Some people end up turning their extra work into a permanent business. Nick is one of them!

Side Hustle Nation is a professional site in this niche blog. Nick Loper, who is the owner of this blog, writes about his life lessons that helped him reach where he is now. He has been involved in working on several side projects, and he shares his journey over the years.

Nick used to work as a Zone Manager for the Ford Motor company. During his three years of employment, he used his free time for his side, hustle by working on several side projects and his business. His blog now discusses topics such as side business ideas, investment opportunities, how to succeed in a side business, and much more. It is also an good blog niche that will make your niche strong.

Father’s (Niche: Parenting Blog for Dads) – One of Strong Niches for Blogging on Fathers

See here: Fatherly

strong niches for blog

Blogs for parents are standard on the Internet, but many of them are mom-oriented. This is what gives the blog as a Father, a place in the world of niche blogs.

In an interview with Business Insider,

There has been an interesting shift when fathers are more involved in pregnancy and birth decisions. But for this growing demography, there was a complete lack of content. ”

Mike, Owner of Fatherly

Rotham and Issak saw an opportunity for a blog niche that was not obvious but ended up satisfying a need that many people did not see at that time.

Learning to Code with Me (Niche: Coding) – If You Love Coding, Strart Your Blog with this One of the Strong Niches

See here: Learn to Code With Me

 considered as strong niches for blog

The job market in the world is changing – many jobs are shifting towards the need for technical skills, and it is predicted that in the future, many jobs will be lost for AI. However, many jobs will also be created in the technology industry.

There is a lack of talent in technology, which means that companies are actively recruiting and training people in this industry. Here’s what makes Learn to Code With Me so valuable in this increasingly important blog niche.

Creator Lawrence Bradford decided to choose a niche for a blog about her own coding training experience. She is a self-taught developer who wanted people to be able to access coding education. This is also considered one of the Blog Niches Which will Make your Niche Strong.

Hugging a Tree (Niche: Sustainability) – Good Niche, You can Easily Write a Blog on it

See here: Tree Hugger

one of strong niches for blog

(Translate this grave! In short: A lover of hugging trees. Roughly speaking.)

This is a perfect example for some who are very close to nature and think about sustainable ways of living.

Treehugger is one of the best blogs for sustainability. More than 3 million visitors a month there is real interest in this niche blog. Treehugger covers topics such as green technology, how to run a sustainable business, protect wildlife around the world, personal sustainability, and more. This blog is an author site with a rich stream of content, newsletters and regularly updated publications on social networks.

So, these are some best real profitable examples of blog niches for you to gain some confidence and decide a roadmap for your next blog. Just remember, a blog is something you love about.

If you don’t love what you are blogging, one-day, you will end up frustrated with yourself and your blog. If you are currently facing such issues, feel free to share your problems in the comment section below.

Also, I am sharing a list of few best profitable blog niches; you can again go through them and make your decision.

Here is a list of around 100 Blog Niches Which will Make your Niche Strong.

strong niches for your blog

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