New Best Content Niche: Writing Like a Pro (2020)

New Best Content Niche: Writing Like a Pro (2020)

New Best Content Niche (Writing Like a Pro in 2020): Being a content writer is challenging with how you have to cope with every topic that comes your way. The most challenging about content writing is when you have to write like a pro on a topic that is entirely outside your familiar niches.

You search within yourself if you have the resources to write it, but there is none. You jump up to your computer to find your screen staring back at you with no black lines. This gets you frustrated that you have to shut down your system – retiring for the day. 

If this is precisely what you are going through, you are not alone. We have all been in that shoe, and I know how it feels. But, I’m glad to tell you that I have passed that phase, and it is now a bye-gone for me.

To carry you along with what I have learned so far – that is now helpful for me to write like a pro in a new content niche any time the need arises – I have compiled those tips in this article. 

And, here we go…

Research and list out popular blogs in the niche

The truth about every niche is that you are not the first person to write in it, and learning from the leading blogs in that niche goes a long way toward sharpening your sword. You can easily search these blogs on Google.

For instance, if you are into home improvement, you can search for home improvement blogs on Google, displaying several results. The first ones on the result page will likely be the best. When you find the best blogs in your niche, follow them, and learn from their content. 

Know relevant keywords that relate to your niche

Every niche has its peculiar keywords. Most of the words in your new place are words you might not have come across before or do not know the right context. However, you would be coming across them in the course of your research and writing.

It will be a stain on your expertise to misuse these niche-peculiar keywords. To cover this loophole, make yourself familiar with them and know the context you should use each of them. You cannot neglect this task in your preparation for writing in a new niche.

Read a lot of articles (New Best Content Niche)

Before you go on writing your content, get articles from the best blogs in your niche. Read them to know the writing style and tone appropriate for your place. Another fact is, the method of writing in each slot is different from each other.

A professional doctor writing in a health niche will report from the style a food-niche blogger will write. Therefore, it is essential and compulsory that you know the user’s type in your new place. This is another loophole. It would help if you did not leave open.

Break down the niche (New Best Content Niche)

When I say you should break the niche, I mean, you should choose a narrow place. It will be overwhelming for you to choose a broad niche, especially one you know nothing about. So, choose a small niche, with a little place, you are cutting back the energy and time it will cost you to learn. This will enable you to focus on a narrow topic.

For instance, if you are into the health niche, you can focus your diabetes resources instead of trying to conquer the whole health niche. Besides, if you are into business, you can stick to “small scale business” instead of spreading your net across the broad place.

With this strategy, you become a pro writer in the niche within a short period.

Do your research (New Best Content Niche)

writing like a Pro in a new best content niche

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Now that you are ready to gear your keyboard into action, you may have to hold on a bit. It would help if you did your research thoroughly. You are about to write on what you have not written about, and you would not want any mistake to expose your expertise in the niche. 

On your browser, have many tabs opened with blogs that contain your topic. You are doing this to compare available information. Look for the essential points made by each blog and jot them down. These are what you will need to come up with informational content. The problem is, those who will be reading your content know more about the topic than you do. 

Think of it this way: before someone searches for how to bake a cake, he might have read about it before jumping into your content. Anything you say contrary to what he has read before will speak ill of you. 

Draw your outline (New Best Content Niche)

Before you write, break your topic down. Know the sub-headings you will write on. 

Having recognized the sub-topics, arrange them as you will want them to come after each other. If you do not know which sub-topic to go before others, go back to your searched blogs, and emulate the pattern, how they arranged their works.

This will grant you an insight into what you should do. Make sure your design makes sense when reading. You will not want to put the introduction in the middle of the article. 

For instance, if you are writing in the food niche on preparing fried rice, you will not want to put the ingredients in the last paragraph of your content. This applies to every other sub-heading in your content. 

Let use the health niche – diabetes – for a more precise illustration. 

The first sub-heading a reader would expect from a diabetes content is the definition or introduction to diabetes. The causes, symptoms, treatment may then follow this, and if there are any complications of diabetes, before finally ending with a conclusion. 

We both know it won’t augur well to have any other sub-heading after “conclusion.” Don’t find it challenging to do your research on this again.

Quote experts in the niche

You are starting with little to no knowledge in the niche. This is like going to a war you haven’t been to before, and you need accomplices. The best strategy to get accomplices in this journey is to associate with established blogs and professionals in the niche. 

With this strategy, you tell your audience that you are not alone and that what you have in your content is from you and experts in the industry. This will give your readers the impression that you have done your research before presenting them with the content.

For instance, if you are writing on diabetes, you can quickly shift the focus to a doctor you know is an expert at treating diabetes. 

Here is an example: “Dr. John H.W. of the University of Australia said about 45 percent of diabetic patients are skeptical about taking medication.” With this, you leave an impression for your audience that you are associated with a doctor who is into the topic.  

Be confident

After proper research and equipped with the necessary resources to write like a pro, you still need to take this with you – confidence. There is a famous saying that confidence half-wins the war. Though this is your first time writing in that niche, don’t portray your inexperience in your content.

Write every line of your content like a professional who knows what he is talking about. If you write like you are just starting in the niche, your audience will sense it from afar. When writing, see yourself as an expert in the field and reflect it in your hand and how you use information. This will make your audience take you seriously.  

For instance, if you are writing in the food niche, you can display your expertise by inserting figures when listing ingredients. Check out these lines from different writers:

Add the proper amount of salt when the rice has boiled for a while.

For every 5 cups of rice, add two tablespoons of salt when the rice has boiled for 15 minutes.

Let me throw the question to you, which is more informative?

The second line is a great way to sound confident in your content when writing in a new niche. Though content with the first line also contains the right information, it is not as in-depth as the second one.

Give your opinion

During your research, you have come up with various information about the topic. Though you may have come across contradicting opinions, choose ones you think are reasonable, and leverage. Give your audience a foresight knowledge on the subject. Again, this will give your readers the impression that you know the topic you are writing about. 

However, you are not only dropping your opinion but one you can back with research. Tell your readers what makes you have such a view. Don’t feel worried if your idea is against your audience’s opinion. One of the aims of your statement is to generate controversies. But, again, make sure you can defend your opinion.

Let’s look into how you can drop your opinion to cause a significant effect.

Let assume you are writing on the topic “how to start a boutique business in Los Angelis.”

Here is an 

example of what you can drop behind for your audience to remunerate on: 

Starting a small-scale boutique business in LA is not ideal if you do not have any means to survive for the first two years.

Leaving this in the concluding part of your article will attract the attention of your audience. But it will only have an adverse effect if you have no data to back it up. 

And, how do you back it up?

Well, to give that as an opinion, you might have done your research or have the experience. That is what you will need to complete your opinion. 


Now that you have put everything down, do not assume you didn’t make any mistake. Take your time to go through. You are not only looking for misspelled words, but also grammatical errors. 

When checking for errors, read the content aloud to yourself. If it is not making sense to you – the writer – there is no magic to make it a readable piece to your reader. This means you have to correct every mistake you see.

This is the best time to monitor how each sub-topic works with each other if you notice that one sub-topic is positioned to not shift it to where it should belong. 

Admit there is no perfect writer

It is every writer’s dream to write with no mistake, which is not possible. You are aware that perfection exists nowhere. Content writing is no different. Even those that have been in the niche for decades cannot achieve perfection in their works. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not advocating for error-filled content. I’m only trying to let you know you are not doing wrong if you cannot develop perfect content. The point is to write to the best of your ability and take your time to do the needful.


It is hard to venture into a new niche that you have not written about before – it is challenging and overwhelming. However, it only takes time and helpful strategies to get it right. Taking these tips that have worked for me and you will help you thrive in your new niche. 

I have been using these to cover me in expertise whenever I have to write in a new niche. 

However, I’m not promising that you will get it right from the start. You will make lots of blunders in your first content. But this should not discourage you. Continue writing in your new narrow topic. If you will not give up, the only factor you are fighting is time. With time, you will get it right and write fluently in the new niche without much stress.

Hope you like the article on New Best Content Niche.

Finally, let me ask you: have you tried writing in a new niche before, and what was your experience?


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