Best Social Media Marketing Funnel in 2021

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel in 2021

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel: Making your brand visible in the online world can be a daunting task when you don’t have a good social media marketing strategy. But with an excellent marketing funnel that incorporates content creation, a posting calendar, and other creative campaigns, you can engage your audience and attract more leads to your brand.

However, converting prospects to repeat customers can be challenging. Nowadays, marketing specialists have marketing funnels that move their customers from awareness to purchase. They contain helpful clues and ideas when making a buying decision and the best messaging and content for your brand to succeed in the highly competitive business field.

What is a social media marketing funnel, and how can you build one for your business?

What is a digital marketing funnel?

A marketing panel contains interlinked steps that help move your prospects to the final journey of becoming your customers. In the first stage, prospects are aware of your brand and are still considering it before deciding to purchase your products or services. After their first purchase, they can become one-time or long-term customers.

Below are the stages of a successful social media marketing funnel:

Best Social Media Marketing Funnel
Hand sketching sales or revenue funnel marketing concept with white marker on transparent wipe board.

Awareness – Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Promoting your products starts with the potential customers becoming aware that your brand exists. Each business has a problem to solve and finds clients; you show them that you can solve their common problems. Don’t try hard to advocate for your products at this stage; rather, offer support and value. Give the prospects information to enable them contact your brand when they face such a common problem. You can achieve this through guides, webinars, videos, and blogs.

Consideration Stage -Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

Your prospects now know their problems during this stage and your suggested solutions. She will start to weigh your solutions against their problems and the information you have offered. Offer her enough information on your offerings during this stage to compel them to buy your products, i.e., via webinars and case studies.

Action -Best Social Media Marketing Funnel

The prospect has finally decided that your solution will help solve their problem. She will buy from your brand, and if different brands were selling their propositions, she would choose the best or most convincing one. Send the prospects newsletters, white papers, or free samples to receive more information about your site. Also, convince them to visit your site’s landing page and buy some products.

Retention / Loyalty

After the customer makes the first purchase, the other marketing funnels are geared towards making them lifetime customers. It’s easier to maintain an old customer than to get a new one. If you focus on building loyalty on the customer part, then they will also advocate for your brand to their network. You can achieve this through constant customer engagement and addressing any issues or questions about your brand.


It’s always wiser to craft a social media marketing funnel tailored to suit your business needs. Social media is a great tool for meeting new prospects, and you will also need to choose content, which is important in every stage of a marketing plan to succeed. This will help you succeed in your ventures.


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