Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands in 2021

Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands in 2021

Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands in 2021: The fashion industry is fast-growing, and clothing trends change every day, not to mention the high market competition it sets for the fashion brands. In a scenario like this, it is inevitable that the consumers will have lots of options in front of them, put forward by so many other brands.

It is necessary that you need to fight for holding a favorable position to get the desired conversions. You need to do your digital marketing for fashion brands to get your products out in front of your target audience, thus increasing your brand awareness.

It might be challenging to get started and hold on to your fashion digital marketing strategies, especially while living in a dynamic market when people’s buying motives change in seconds.

However, if you keep certain things in mind, you are sure to succeed and master the craft of promoting your fashion products online with ease. Moreover, fashion online marketing done right would help your brand to have a long-lasting effect amongst your fashionistas!

Here are some tips to make sure that you take the right path and build a successful fashion brand to help you make the most out of your fashion marketing strategies.

Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands:

1. Retargeting with Facebook Ads -digital marketing for fashion brands

Facebook marketing is one of the most efficient digital marketing techniques for fashion brands, especially when almost every other person is active on this platform. Most people tend to browse through several options before buying. Similarly, many of them would not likely buy your products the first they see them.

They would develop a general likeness for a particular fashion item at the initial state, but would not get a valid reason strong enough to make them make the purchase. While others may browse through other products on your website, most of the Facebook users would scroll it away. They will wait for more options and the right time to buy it and eventually forget about your product.

At this stage, you need to retarget them and show your products again to have a more substantial influence among your visitors, probably after 10-12 days they first saw it. This time they will think about it and ponder over the occasions they would wear the outfit or accessory.

While many would probably go ahead and buy it, there would still be others who won’t and would wait again for better opportunities. You also target them for the third time when they will hit the ‘Add to Cart’ button.

Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands

2. Create Style Guides to Help Visitors Know What to Wear on Which Occasion

Many people won’t buy many of the trendy garments or accessories, simply because they don’t know how to wear them the proper way or how to pair them right with contrasting outfits. To solve this problem, providing clothing doubts would be the most effective and would have a lasting impression on your visitors. They will also develop a trust with your brand and come back time and again to get more such expert guidance to make sure they are looking presentable and attractive.

In this way, you can refer to other products in your store that could match perfectly with the one chosen by your visitor, thus encouraging the theme into buying the overall combo to make a complete clothing set because everybody loves to make a great addition to their wardrobes and have enough pairs of clothes for every occasion. The best way would be to try telling an exciting story by narrating a real-life situation, such as a festive day or a party, to educate your audience engagingly.

3. Run Promotional Offers on Special Occasions (Digital Marketing Fashion Brands)

The best way to increase your target group is to run special promotions on holidays and special occasions, like Christmas, New Year, or Easter, which will help to skyrocket your sales and conversions. This is the peak time when your visitors are active on their social media handles, and they would have the time to interact with any promotional ads you post. You can also have a mailing list to send out your promotions to your existing customers or other prospects.

A useful trick to build your fashion brand is to offer discount periods for 5-10 days, with new offers and products each day. You can also run ‘Deal of the Day’ programs to make your creations move out faster for each of your festive days. Take the opportunity of joyful days and double up your leads.

4. Conduct Giveaway Programs on Instagram (Digital Marketing Fashion Brands)

Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands

Giveaways on Instagram is a new trend, and it helps to grow your community and boost your brand awareness. If you have a unique item in your eCommerce store, make sure you arrange giveaway programs, probably by making people participate in some games or contests to win the prize. This also increases your audience engagement, thus making them keep coming back for more.

You can also remember the birthdays or anniversaries of your customers (probably by maintaining a customer record or using a software application that notifies you about these dates) and offer them exclusive giveaways, thus rendering a personalized experience. Taking such small steps will gain your customer’s trust, and they will want to stay with you long-term.

You can also create unique hashtags to make your visitors find your product quickly. You can arrange such contests once every month on a particular date, probably at the beginning or end. This will make interested buyers wait to participate in the game and carry on with the necessary actions to win the giveaway prize. For example, you can make them follow your Instagram business page or tag their friends and acquaintances, thus increasing your reach.

5. Create Gift-Guides for All Events and Festivals (Digital Marketing Fashion Brands)

Your buyers need to gift their loved one’s gifts on special occasions, like birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, weddings, or during some festivals like Christmas, Diwali, etc. Giving guidance on what might be the best gifts to buy for each of these occasions would immediately increase traffic on your site.

If you provide an exciting list of gift options, your visitors might get converted into buyers. You can also send gift cards in bulk to your prospects or existing customers for having an immediate effect on their minds. You can also consider creating a separate landing page for making a list of all the gift items for each category or occasion and provide shoppable links to each for faster purchase.

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6. Send Email Reminders to Visitors Who Abandon Their Carts

As per the studies, about 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping carts due to various reasons. It might be because they got a better deal somewhere else, or because there was a spike in the prices, or simply because they found issues during the checkout process. Whatever be the reason, you need to make sure that your customers try the process again and complete the checkout process. Set up a system to remind your potential buyer about their abandoned carts, either through remarketing ads, or directly via email, SMS, or social media channels.

Best Digital Marketing Fashion Brands

7. Promote Exciting Deals with Action Verbs

Action verbs or energetic phrases like ‘Buy Now,’ ‘The last 2-hour left, Hurry’, ‘Stocks Finishing Fast,’ or ‘Final Chance’ imparts a sense of immediacy, making your visitors realize that they should purchase without delay to miss an excellent offer or discount. The trendiest deal promotion strategies include ‘Flat 50%-60% Off’, ‘Free Shipping,’ ‘Buy 1, Get 1’, amongst others. Buyers hate to miss a deal and, therefore, they tend to grab the opportunity immediately after seeing your promotional ad. You can also run ‘Color of the Day/Month’ to target a specific group of people who prefer a particular color.

8. Work with Influencers in Your Niche (Digital Marketing Fashion Brands)

Taking the help of and working with influencers in your category, such as fashion bloggers, is the best way to reach a broader and newer audience. Interacting with a new community will help you to widen your knowledge, thus giving you unique content for your website. Moreover, influencers would also help you to gain social proof allowing more people in your target to try out your products.

Influencers, like fashion bloggers, have a good reputation and respect among fashion enthusiasts. They keep following them regularly to stay updated with the latest trends and styles in the market. So naturally, if these bloggers mention your brand, review your products, or probably make ‘haul’ videos by wearing or buying them, your potential buyers would believe them. This would make them want to try your products, thus increasing your lead count.

Key Takeaway (Digital Marketing Fashion Brands)

While fashion trends and styles keep evolving, you need to improve your products and services, making sure that you get a firm hold on your target market. Fashion digital marketing has many opportunities; you need to explore them and figure out what’s best for your business type and brand personality. After all, fashion is all about eminence and ‘brands,’ and you ought to build yours into a powerful one to be the talk of the town!

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